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Focus on Interactivity

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Put a focus on interactivity and audience engagement

Posing questions and including activities in your session can make an enormous difference in your presentation. Involving your audience helps the ideas and thoughts you are trying to get across be more memorable and make attendees feel like they are part of the conversation. Consider working on one of the suggestions below in your presentation:

  • Incorporate a live poll into your slide deck to get audience feedback, help guide your presentation, or to use it as a quiz tool
  • Use a couple of your slides as quick quizzes and ask the audience to answer, or fill in the blanks within your slide.
  • Perform a demo and have an audience member participate in it
  • Divide your audience into small groups to discuss the topic among themselves and share it with the larger group afterward
  • Take time at the end of your presentation to ask your audience to share their experience about the topic
  • Place Q&A opportunities in the middle of the presentation to keep the audience engaged and participatory. Even if you don't answer the questions right away, the unexpected invitation to ask a question can act as a trigger to encourage audience members to speak up.

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