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PSX Virtual Event Place
Attendee Guide

Navigate the virtual conference like a pro!


We are excited to have you join us for Virtual PSX 2020. Below is a list of important items to watch for, steps for the day of the event, and our recommended best practices to ensure you have the best possible experience.


All education sessions, partner showcases, Lunch & Learns, and networking opportunities can be accessed via

  • Click the LOGIN OR SIGN UP – IT’S FREE button.
  • On the Login for Existing Users tab, click the Forgot Password? hyperlink, and enter the email address you used to register.
  • You will receive an email from with your password to log into the site.
  • When you first log-in, you will be prompted to change your password.
  • Once you change your password, in the upper right, click on My Virtual Events. Then click on PSX 2020. This will bring you to the lobby.

Please test your event access and come early on show day!

Everyone hates technical difficulties. Let’s make sure you’re set up correctly before the show starts. All attendees will have access to the system on September 8.

Test the video chat and the text chat (private or public) feature in the Lobby or the Product Stewardship Society Booth located in The Exchange. You will need to enable camera and audio controls for your computer.

Also visit to make sure you can get into a Zoom meeting (where sessions will be hosted). If you are having problems accessing Zoom on your computer, please try accessing Zoom on your cell phone or another smart device.


To ensure your profile is complete and accurate, select My Profile from the upper right corner of your screen. Be sure to click Save at the bottom of the screen. You can view your changes by clicking on My Profile at the top of your screen on the right hand side.

IMPORTANT: Please DO NOT update your email address. This is how you authenticate yourself as a registrant to login for the event. If you change this field, it may cause login issues in the future.


As soon as you log in, you will land in the event lobby. From here, you can navigate to the various room of the event by clicking on the room title (e.g., Networking Lounge) or by clicking on the room title at the top of the screen.

All education can be found under Sessions, including our Partner Showcase and Lunch & Learn.

Be sure to swing by the booths in The Exchange where you can engage in conversation using the chat. If you don’t have time to engage in conversation, click on Leave a Business Card so our partners may follow up with you.

You can also navigate around the virtual event by using the Search feature located at the top of your screen. Search by specific people, webcasts, exhibitor company, or sponsor company.


Chat is available in each area of the event, as well as each partner booth. You can chat to everyone in the room using text, or have private one-on-one text, audio, or video chat!

Here’s how it works:

Chat to all: Use the text bar at the bottom of the chat window to type a message. Hit send, and your message will be public and visible to all.

TIP: To tag someone in your message simply use the @ symbol to search for their name. The chat will automatically populate names of those who are in the same chat.

Private text chat (1:1): To have a private text conversation, select the person you would like to chat with from the right-hand side of the screen. When you click their name, a private message window will pop up. From here you can engage by text, audio, or video.

Audio & video calls: To make a 1:1 audio or video call, follow the steps above to pull up who you would like to connect with. Once you are in your private chat window, you will be able to see a phone icon (voice only) and a video camera icon (video call). Click on the corresponding icon to initiate your call.

TIP: Use the group or private text chat to confirm someone has time and is ready to connect by phone or video.

No Time to Chat?

You can also engage in conversation using chat in The Virtual Exchange. If you don’t have time, click on Leave a Business Card so our partners may follow up with you.

Setting Meeting Times

You can use the search function at the top of your screen to set up one-on-one appointments with our partners.

  • Navigate to the search at the top of your screen.
  • Check off “people,” then use the search field to type in the company name.
  • Select a name from the company staff list (they are all looking forward to engaging, so choose any name!).
  • You will then be prompted to send a message within the platform. Customize the date and time you would like (meetings are set in 10-minute increments).
  • You will receive a message in the system, and an email will be sent directly to your inbox.
  • Once your meeting time comes up, navigate to the partner’s booth in The Virtual Exchange. The individual you chose will be there waiting. Hit “Start Video Chat,” and select their name.

Tip: Make sure to block off this time in your calendar, so you will get a reminder.

Additional Tips

  • Have a hardwired internet connection (prevents unstable WIFI issues).
  • Mute your microphone when not talking.
  • Try to avoid talking over/at the same time as other participants.
  • When you start video chat, be aware you are on camera, and try to avoid doing other tasks (i.e., checking emails, looking at your phone, etc.).

Need Help?

In the upper right corner of the platform, click on Helpdesk. There, you can find many frequently asked questions, as well as the contact phone number and email for support.

If you have any questions, the Virtual Event Place has an online support chat tool managed by real people who can help you during show hours, or 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. ET (UTC-4:00) during non-show hours. Just click on "Need Help?" in the bottom right corner of your screen.


PDFs of the presentation slides will be loaded into each session for which we have the speakers' permission to share them. Click on the session in the Event Agenda, and you’ll find a button to download the presentation in the session description.

Miss a Session? All PSX 2020 session recordings will be available to registered attendees from September 24 through October 16! We will email all attendees when they’re ready to view.


You can find session evaluation links in each session description within the virtual platform. You will also receive an email at the end of each day with a link to evaluate that day's sessions. Your feedback is greatly appreciated and will be used to improve the content at PSX.


The Product Stewardship Society encourages scientific debate, open communication, healthy discussion, and respect for a diversity of opinions.

We ask that you keep a few guidelines in mind when participating in chats and virtual networking:

  • All session personnel, presenters, and attendees should conduct themselves in a professional manner.
  • Please refrain from comments or references to politics or religion.
  • Please refrain from using any profanity.
  • Always practice the “golden rule” (treat others the way you want to be treated).