PSX2022 | October 18-20, 2022 | Louisville, KY
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The more experiences that we share, the stronger our community will become. Help us spread the word to bring new and diverse voices to PSX.

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I’m attending #PSX 2022. Join me this October to take advantage of unique networking and education opportunities for product stewards from a wide range of industries. I’m looking forward to…[make it your own or choose one of these options: networking with my peers, learning from industry experts, hearing from opening keynote Fabien Cousteau].

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PSX 2022, being held at the Galt House Hotel in Louisville, KY, October 18-20, offers a unique chance for product stewardship professionals to discuss the challenges, opportunities, and best practices on everything from extended producer responsibility to proactive chemical risk management. If you’re a product steward or interface with product stewardship, check out the program and consider attending! Learn more at

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Sample Email:
Hi friends and colleagues,

I’m going to PSX 2022 this October in Louisville, KY, and I wanted to reach out as I think you might also be interested in attending.

As product stewardship practitioners, we’re unique because we span multiple product uses and industries. Not to mention all the different roles we play throughout the value chain.

I’ve found this conference to be extremely valuable in connecting with other professionals facing the same challenges I have. I also want to stay on the cutting edge of the latest regulations, technologies, and best practices I need to do my best work. I’m really looking forward to this year’s keynotes, Fabien Couteau and Joel Makower, both respected business strategists.

I encourage you to view the PSX education program to see what resonates with you. I hope to see you there!

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