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Volunteer your leadership leading up to PSX 2021

The Call for Proposals will launch Monday, February 1, 2021. Check back for access to the submission portal.

PSX delivers unique education and networking opportunities by bringing together product stewardship professionals from over a dozen different industry sectors and throughout the value chain. You can add to the experience with your expertise. Inspire your colleagues with new ideas, practical solutions, and best practices they need to manage the challenges of today and prepare for the issues of tomorrow.

We encourage you to consider practical real-world initiatives, new tools and technologies, and/or processes that address current or emerging issues in product stewardship. ​​​Choose from several different presentation types and topic areas.

Presentation Types:

  • Express Session - 30-minute session that delivers focused content on a specific topic. Case studies or brief research presentations are recommended for this session type. Maximum of one speaker and one moderator. (20-minute presentation with 10 minutes Q&A).
  • Education Session - 1-hour session that provides practical, real-world content on a current or emerging issue. Greater interactivity and audience engagement are highly encouraged for this session type. Maximum of three presenters and one moderator. (45-minute presentation with 15 minutes Q&A).
  • Workshops (half-day or full-day) - Workshops emphasize open discussion and exchange of ideas between participants and focus on practical methods, skills, and principles. When successful, workshops enable participants to take away tangible solutions and readily apply them to improve work practices in their jobs. Maximum of 4 instructors for half-day and 6 instructors for a full-day. 

Presentation Topics:

  • Distinguishing hazard and risk
  • Challenges of communicating complex scientific topics to hurried consumers who may lack scientific literacy
  • Stewardship of emerging technologies, such as artificial intelligence or augmented reality
  • Demands beyond compliance
  • Product Stewardship integrated into the R&D new product development/design process
  • Efficiently designing globally compliant and more sustainable products
  • Demonstrating the business value of product stewardship (getting products to market faster)
  • Alternative chemicals use
  • Case studies on use of industry tools/systems to address emerging issues, compliance, and sustainability
  • Product stewardship in the retail industry
  • Greater diversity in product use and sector type
  • Asia Pacific: chemical regulations and registrations
  • Emerging markets: Latin America
  • Case studies of successful collaborations between Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) and supplier
  • Next generation product stewards – what does this look like?

This is not a definitive list! As always, we are also looking for sessions that further expand the knowledge base of today's product stewardship professional, particularly how product stewards can adapt their work to the products of the future and the challenges they’ll face next.

New this year! CPPS™ Domain Alignment

Sessions will now be categorized according to the four domains of the Certified Professional Product Steward™ (CPPS™).

  • Domain I: Assessment, Impact Analysis, & Risk Management
  • Domain II: Communication
  • Domain III: Data & Information Management
  • Domain IV: Regulatory Compliance

Submitters will be asked to classify their proposal content with the corresponding core competencies outlined in the CPPS™ candidate handbook/exam blueprint. This will enhance marketing efforts and assist attendees in selecting sessions.

Focus on Interactivity and Engagement

Including activities and participant-driven discussion in your session can make an enormous difference in attendee engagement, retention of knowledge, and overall satisfaction. Involving your audience will make attendees feel like they are part of the conversation.

We have included a new question for submitters to select varying engagement methods to increase interactivity within their sessions. This will assist in marketing sessions to attendees.


Please contact Kathryn Christoe.