PSX2022 | October 18-20, 2022 | Louisville, KY
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PSX 2021
Blog Roundup

Get the inside scoop on the education program,
our keynotes, networking opportunities and more!

Predicting Future Trends Yordas Blog 600x400

Predicting Global Regulatory Futures

Learn five proactive data management strategies to help you better manage risk and sustainability initiatives.

Assent Product Steward Consultation Assent Blog 600x400

Product Stewards: The Missing Link

When the majority of risk is locked in your supply chain, how do you uncover the data needed to make smarter business decisions?

Product stewardship evergreen

A Conversation with Keynote Michal Freedhoff

Hear her unique perspective on working in policy as a scientist and what initiatives are shaping the future of product stewardship.

Networking at PSX

Networking the “Old-Fashioned Way” at PSX 2021

If you’re as excited as we are to connect in real life, read on for a preview of what we’re planning and who you’ll meet at PSX 2021.

Woman working with i Mac

Education Sessions at PSX 2021: What to Expect

A little data goes a long way! Read on to learn how the PSX 2021 education program directly aligns with your interests.

Downtown Anaheim

Things to Do in Anaheim While Attending PSX 2021

Anaheim offers plenty of attractions for adventure seekers and foodies alike. Here are a few must-see places to check out.

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